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CWEC Awards Two Prizes

Sylvia Ostry Award

CWEC/CFÉC awards the CWEC/CFÉC Sylvia Ostry Award (formerly known as the CWEC/CFÉC Service Award) to an economist judged by the selection committee to have furthered the status of women in the economics profession, through example, achievements, increasing our understanding of how women can advance in the economics profession, or mentoring other. The Sylvia Ostry Service Award was awarded for the first time to Professor Roberta Edgecombe Robb at the 2019 CEA meetings.

Nominations consist of a nomination letter, CV, and two or more supporting letters, with preferably at least one from a mentee. The nomination letters should be geared toward examples of how the nominee has fulfilled the criteria of the award, not necessarily through academic achievement alone. Nominees may be of any gender or sex but must have spent a significant amount of their career in Canada. The selection committee has leeway on deciding the definition of “significant amount of time”. The deadline to submit nominations for this year has passed. For more information, please email Please see more information about the award in the Terms of Reference.


We are delighted to announce that the 2021 Sylvia Ostry Service Award is presented to Xiao-yuan Dong!



The award was presented during CWEC/CFÉC Keynote Lecture virtually organized as a part of the 2021 CEA meetings.  Learn more about Xiao-yuan's exemplary work and contribution to the profession.

The past winners are:

2019 Roberta Edgecombe Robb



Young Researcher Award

CWEC/CFÉC awards the CWEC/CFÉC Young Researcher Prize to a female junior economist in Canada judged by the selection committee to have the best research record. The Research Prize was established in 2010 by CWEN and is presented at the CWEC/CFÉC luncheon held during the annual CEA Meetings. The recipient receives $2000. Nominees must have a current, primary appointment in Canada and have done so in at least three of the past five years or since completing their Ph.D. To be eligible, nominees must be at the beginning of their career (typically within 10 years of receipt of a PhD, allowing for career interruptions) and have not been previously awarded this prize.

Nominations normally consist solely of the nominee’s curriculum vitae. However, a nominating letter from the candidate’s department chair or another senior mentor and/or a letter explaining any career interruptions will also be considered. For more information, please email cwec.cfec@gmail.comThe deadline to submit nominations for this year has passed.


The recipient of the 2021 Young Researcher Award is  Luba Petersen!


This award was also presented during CWEC/CFÉC Keynote Lecture remotely held as a part of the 2021 CEA meetings.  Read more about Luba's research and contribution to her field.


The past winners are:

2019 Lucija Muehlenbachs University of Calgary
2016 Svetlana Demidova McMaster University
2014 Viktoria Hnatkovska Vancouver School of Economics
2012 Matilde Bombardini UBC
2010 Silvia Gonçalves Université de Montréal