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Volume 55, No.3   August 2022

Viewpoint Article: The impact of climate change on mortality in the United States: Benefits and costs of adaptation by Olivier Deschenes 

Immigrants and exports: Firm-level evidence from Canada by Miguel Cardoso and Ananth Ramanarayanan

Exporting global warming? Coal trade and the shale gas boomby Christopher Knittel, Konstantinos Metaxoglou, Anson Soderbery and Andre Trindade

Signalling, screening and costly misrepresentation by Raymond Deneckere and Sergei Severinov

Piece-rate cuts and ratchet effects by Bruce Shearer

Community attachment, job loss and regional labour mobility in Canada: Evidence from the Great Recession by Derek Messacar

Do age of consent laws decrease teen births? by Louis-Pierre Lepage

Asset integration and risk-taking in the laboratory by William Morrison and Robert J. Oxoby

Present Bias and Externalities: Can government intervention raise welfare? by Christos Kotsogiannis and Robert Schwager

Negotiating over payments for wetland ecosystem services by Alain-Désiré Nimubona and Jean-Christophe Pereau

The microeconomics of new trade models by Martin Alfaro

Unobserved heterogeneity in the productivity distribution and gains from trade by Ruben Dewitte, Michel Dumont, Glenn Rayp, Peter Willemé

Trade creation and trade diversion in deep agreements by Aaditya Mattoo, Alen Mulabdic and Michele Ruta


Volume 55, No.4   November 2022

Presidential Address:
How do Central Banks Make Decisions?  by Francisco Ruge-Murcia

Innis Lecture:
Unbundling Female Autonomy by Siwan Anderson

Viewpoint Article:
Grasping De(centralized) Fi(nance) through the Lens of Economic Theory by  Jonathan Chiu and Thorsten Koeppl

Original Articles:
Bitcoin Adoption and Beliefs in Canada by Daniela Balutel, Christopher Henry, Jorge Vásquez and Marcel Voia

The Economics of Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Beyondby Jonathan Chiu and Thorsten Koeppl

A Large Canadian Database for Macroeconomic Analysis by  Olivier Fortin-Gagnon, Maxime Leroux, Dalibor Stevanovic and Stéphane Surprenant

Limited Commitment, Endogenous Credibility and the Challenges of Price-level Targeting by Gino Cateau and Malik Shukayev

Effect of News and Noise Shocks of U.S. Monetary Policy on Economic Fluctuations in Emerging Market Economies by Kyunghun Kim and Wongi Kim

Export Conditions in Small Countries and their Effects on Domestic Markets by Martin Alfaro and Frederic Warzynski

Internationalization Strategies of Multi-product Firms: The role of technology by Daniel Baumgarten, Michael Irlacher and Karin Mayr-Dorn

Does a Tax Deduction Scheme matter for Jobs and Investment by Multinational and Domestic Enterprises? by Jozef Konings, Catherine Lecocq and Bruno Merlevede

Industrial Cluster Policy and Transaction Networks: Evidence from firm-level data in Japan by Toshihiro Okubo, Tetsuji Okazaki and Eiichi Tomiura

On the Limits of Free Trade in a Cournot World: When Are Restrictions on Trade Beneficial? by Rabah Amir, Jim Jin and Michael Troege


Papers Accepted for Publication

Manager-specific shocks, financial constraints and conglomerate merger by Jieying Hong and Rui Zhang

Non-tariff measures: What’s tariffs got to do with it? by David J. Kuenzel

Manufacturing Output and Extreme Temperature: Evidence from Canada by Philippe Kabore and Nicholas Rivers

Penalties for Speeding and their Effect on Moving Violations: Evidence from Quebec Drivers by Vincent Chandler, Lealand Morin and Jeffrey Penney

Quid Pro Quo Harassment, Contracts and Liability by Mehmet Bac

Morale, Performance, and Disclosure by Xu Jiang and Ying Xue

Oil and US Stock Market Shocks: Implications for Canadian Equities by Scott Mahadeo and Reinhold Heinlein

Salience and Horizontal Differentiation by R. Emre Aytimur

The Impacts of Suppliers and Mutual Outsourcing on Organizational Forms by Yasuhiro Arai and  Noriaki Matsushima

Preventing Bank Panics: The Role of the Regulator's Preferences by Jiahong Gao and Robert Reed

Correcting for Transitory Effects in RCTs: Evidence from the RAND Health Insurance Experiment by Mona Balesh Abadi, Kevin Devereux and Farah Omran

One for All or All for One: Does the Category Captain Play Favorites by Myongjin Kim, Leilei Shen, Suman Basuroy and Sri Beldona

Commercial-to-Residential Land-Use Conversion and Residential Recentralization in Large Cities by Hangtian Xu

Heterogeneous Impacts of the Section 301 Tariffs: Evidence from the Revision of Product Lists by Hong Ma and Lingsheng Meng

Jack of Fewer Trades: Evolution of Specialization in Research by Jinyoung Kim and Kanghyock Koh 

Convenience Yield and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics: A Present-Value Interpretation by Yu-Hsi Chou and Chia-Yi Yen  

Respecting Entitlements in Legislative Bargaining – A Matter of Preference or Necessity? by Anita Gantner and Regine Oexl

Do Ride-Sharing Services Cause Traffic Congestion? by Jindong Pang and Shulin Shen

Globalization, Recruitments, and Job Mobility by Carl Davidsona, Fredrik Heyman, Steven Matusza, Fredrik Sjöholm and Susan Chun Zhu

The Impact of PTAs on the Duration of Antidumping Protection by Min Zhu and Thomas J. Prusa

Imported Carbon Emissions: Evidence from French Manufacturing Companies by Damien Dussaux, Francesco Vona and Antoine Dechezleprêtre

Search Less for a Better Price by Eren Bilen, Deniz Dizdar and Chun-Hui Miao

Trade Induced Sectoral Upgrading and Upstream Financial Flows by Haiping Zhang

Age and health related non-linear inheritance taxation by Marie-Louise Leroux and Pierre Pestieau 

Skills Scarcity and Export Intensity by Carlo Perroni and Davide Suverato

The US–China Phase One trade deal: An economic analysis of the managed trade agreement by Michael Funke and Adrian Wende

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