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Conference Session Recordings

CEA2022 Session Recordings

Inclusion Breakfast: Social Attitudes Towards LGBTQ+ Identities

Chairs: Heather Bone (University of Toronto) and Viet Vu (Toronto Metropolitan University)
Organizers: Viet Vu (Toronto Metropolitan University), Heather Bone (University of Toronto), and Anthony Landry (Bank of Canada)

Presenter: Christopher (Kitt) Carpenter (Vanderbilt University) Understanding Discrimination Against LGBT People in the US: Evidence from a Double List Experiment and a Survey


Welcome Message from the Programme Chair: David Green

CEA2021 Session Recordings

CEA Presidential Address & Award Announcements: 

Chair: Francisco Ruge-Murcia (McGill University)
Announcement of the new CEA Fellows: Nicole Fortin (University of British Columbia)

Announcement of the Harry G. Johnson Prize and the Robert Mundell Prize: Katherine Cuff (McMaster University)
Announcement of the Bank of Canada Undergraduate Research Poster Awards: Lawrence Schembri (Bank of Canada)
Speaker: M. Scott Taylor (University of Calgary) The Orca Conjecture (lecture begins at 19:37)

CPP Award Announcements at the Start of Innis Lecture

Chair: Fabian Lange (McGill University)
Announcement of Award Winners: 
Mike Veall (McMaster University)
    Canadian Public Policy Referee of the year
    John Vanderkamp Prize
    Mike McCracken Award for Economic Statistics
(CPP/CEA joint award)

Note: unfortunately, the lecture portion of this session is not available; the 2021 Innis Lecture Speaker was Lance Lochner (Western University)


CWEC Lecture & Award Announcements: 

Chair: Elizabeth Dhuey (University of Toronto)
Annoucement of the CWEC Young Researcher Award, presented by Janice Compton (University of Manitoba)
Annoucement of the Sylvia Ostry Award, presented by Elizabeth Dhuey (University of Toronto)
Introduction to Emi Nakamura, Marie Connolly (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Speaker: Emi Nakamura (University of California at Berkeley) Is the Phillips Curve Getting Flatter?


Panel on Diversity and Inclusion in the Economics Profession

Chair: Thomas Lemieux (University of British Columbia)
Elizabeth Dhuey (University of Toronto, CWEC)
Césaire Meh (Bank of Canada)

Diego Restuccia (University of Toronto)

Erin Strumpf (McGill University)


Purvis Lecture:

Chair: Beverly Lapham (Queen's University)
Introduction of Douglas Purvis Memorial Lecture: Richard Harris (Simon Fraser University)

Announcement of Douglas Purvis Memorial Prize: Jen Baggs (University of Victoria)

Speaker: Nina Pavcnik (Dartmouth) International Trade, Firms, and Jobs: Perspectives from Emerging Economies

State of the Art Lectures


Susan Athey (Stanford GSB) Designing and Analyzing Experiments with Machine Learning
Chair: Joshua Gans (University of Toronto)


Chris Blattman (Chicago Harris) Why We Fight: The Roots of War and The Paths to Peace
Chair: Siwan Anderson (University of British Columbia)


Nicholas Bloom (Stanford University) Why Working from Home will Stick (with Jose Barrero and Steve Davis)
Chair: Rui Castro (McGill University)



Silvia Goncalves (McGill University) Impulse Response Analysis for Structural Dynamic Models with Nonlinear Regressors (with Ana Herrera, Lutz Kilian and Elena Pesavento)
Chair: Morten Nielsen (Queen's University)


Adriana Lleras-Muney (UCLA) Public Policy and Population Health
Chair: Philip Oreopoulos (University of Toronto)

Fiona M. Scott Morton (Yale University) Digital Platform Policy: Are antitrust and regulation complements?
Chair: Robert Clark (Queen's University)