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Call for Nominations to Serve on the CEA Board of Directors

The Nominating Committee of the Canadian Economics Associations invites and encourages suggestions from members of the Association for Future Directors to serve on the CEA Board of Directors. 

Serving on the Board is a great way to get to know and work with colleagues from across the country, and a valuable service for the Economics profession in Canada. Members serve for 4 year terms, and in addition to attending Board meetings (typically in person in June and virtually up to 3 times per year) serve on a committee of the Board. You can serve as a member of the Board or as part of the presidential cycle. Those interested in serving as president, serve first as program chair of the Annual conference in year 2 of the cycle, preparing for the event during the first year of their mandate. During year 3 they  serve as president of the CEA,  and during year 4th, they stay on the board to facilitate continuity and advise the incoming president.  

Travel expenses to attend the board meetings in June, which coincides with the CEA annual conference, are reimbursed. We are committed to broadening diversity within the governance of the Association and particularly encourage nominations that will help us achieve this goal.

Please send suggestions and nominations to the secretary of the Nominating Committee, Professor Ana Ferrer, at